Michael S. Kaminer

Guest Editor for the following articles:

Vol. 33. No. 4

Therapeutic Development in Psoriasis

Craig L. Leonardi, MD | Jeffrey M Sobell, MD

Advances in molecular biology have provided the basis for development of new therapeutic approaches to psoriasis

Vol. 21. No. 2

Hair Transplantation–State of the Art

Marc R Avram, MD

Appropriate candidate selection and realistic expectations can translate these revolutionary changes into consistently happy patients.

Vol. 28. No. 4

Laser-Assisted Liposuction for Facial and Body Contouring and Tissue Tightening: A 2-Year Experience With 75 Consecutive Patients

Ana Tevez, RN | Gordon H. Sasaki, MD, FACS

Internal liposuction remains the standard and most reliable method to remove fat and
contour the face and body. The recent introduction (2006 FDA clearance) of a higher and
more controlled energized internal laser system is purported to increase tissue contraction
and damage unwanted fat deposits through dual 1064 nm/1320-nm wavelengths that are
initially used at a deep level of subcutaneous fat, and subsequently at a shallow level
beneath the dermis along with liposuction. Using classical principles of selective photothermolysis,
the sequential exposure of these wavelengths on target tissue chromophores
results in selective thermo-lipolysis and thermo-denaturation of collagen fibers (H2O)
within the septal architecture and lower reticular dermis for enhanced skin retraction
(accommodation) and contraction. This article reviews this innovative laser system, discusses
the latest clinical protocol changes, tabulates the measurements of time and energy
during each phase of treatment and temperature endpoints, and correlates the histologic
findings to energy deposition. The collected objective data are used to improve on the
safety and efficacy treatment profiles at 11 sites in 75 consecutive patients. Further clinical
studies and comparative trials are recommended to validate these outcomes.
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