Michael S. Kaminer

Guest Editor for the following articles:

Vol. 21. No. 1

Chemical Peels

Eric F Berstein

IN ORDER TO understand the beneficial effects of topical treatments on photoaged skin, we must first gain an understanding of the alterations that occur as a result of chronic sun exposure.

Vol. 23. No. 4

Hyaluronic Acid and Its Use as a “Rejuvenation” Agent in Cosmetic Dermatology

Pierre Andre, MD

Since 1996, hyaluronic acid (HA) has been launched onto the market in Europe. Since then, different companies proposed their HAs. Biomatrix (NJ, USA) proposes an animal-derived HA (from rooster comb). Q–Med AB (Uppsala, Sweden) and LEA-DERM (Paris, France) are the main companies to have a nonanimal HA.

Vol. 21. No. 2

Laser Hair Removal

Christine C Dierickx, MD | Richard J Ort

This chapter will attempt to sort through the muddle by exploring hair follicle biology as well as the scientific underpinnings of hair removal by light before examining the attributes of specific laser systems. A detailed discussion of treatment guidelines as well as preoperative and postoperative considerations follows.

Vol. 32. No. 1

Microfocused Ultrasound for Skin Tightening

Elizabeth L Tanzi, MD | Jennifer L McGregor, MD

The demand for noninvasive skin tightening procedures is increasing as patients seek safe
and effective alternatives to aesthetic surgical procedures of the face, neck, and body. Over
the past decade, radiofrequency and infrared laser devices have been popularized owing to
their ability to deliver controlled heat to the dermis, stimulate neocollagenesis, and effect
modest tissue tightening with minimal recovery. However, these less invasive approaches
are historically associated with inferior efficacy so that surgery still remains the treatment
of choice to address moderate to severe tissue laxity. Microfocused ultrasound was
recently introduced as a novel energy modality for transcutaneous heat delivery that
reaches the deeper subdermal connective tissue in tightly focused zones at consistent
programmed depths. The goal is to produce a deeper wound healing response at multiple
levels with robust collagen remodeling and a more durable clinical response. The Ulthera
device (Ulthera, Inc, Meza, AZ), with refined microfocused ultrasound technology, has been
adapted specifically for skin tightening and lifting with little recovery or risk of complications
since its introduction in 2009. As clinical parameters are studied and optimized,
enhanced efficacy and consistency of clinical improvement is expected.
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