Kenneth A. Arndt

Guest Editor for the following articles:

Vol. 26. No. 4

Depression and Suicidal Behavior in Acne Patients Treated With Isotretinoin: A Systematic Review

Ann L Marqueling, MD | Lee T Zane, MD

Although the efficacy of isotretinoin in treating severe or recalcitrant acne vulgaris is well established, its teratogenicity
and adverse event profile have drawn considerable attention from physicians and the public alike. Of particular concern
are reports of depression and suicidal behavior among isotretinoin users from the medical literature and the lay press.

Vol. 36. No. 4

Noninvasive approach to treatment of submental fullness

Elizabeth L Tanzi, MD | Gary D Monheit, MD | Geeta M Shah, MD | Judah N Greenberg, MD
A recent survey done by the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery indicated that 67% of respondents were bothered by “excess fat under the chin/neck.”