The efficient, effective community hospital inpatient dermatology consult

Hospital dermatology is often thought to be too cumbersome for the private practicing dermatologist to handle, leaving patients in our communities without needed care and our medical colleagues in the dark when it comes to diagnosing and/or managing skin disease in the hospitalized patient. This notion that “someone else will figure it out” undervalues our expertise as a specialty and threatens the appropriate health outcomes we knowingly understand patients deserve. In this manuscript, we intend to break down the hospital consult conceptually so as to make clear how simple it can be to help our physician colleagues and make an important impact upon patients at their most vulnerable time.

Ackerman LS, Kessler MA. The efficient, effective community hospital inpatient dermatology consult. Sem Cutan Med Surg. 36(1):9-11.

Inpatient hospital consult dermatology (inpatient dermatology), as considered by private practicing dermatologists, remains an often under-recognized, overlooked, and yet extremely important aspect of dermatology as a medical subspecialty.

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