Cutaneous Lupus Erythematosus

Lupus erythematosus (LE) has many different clinical manifestations including a variety of cutaneous findings. Some of the cutaneous manifestations are not specific for LE, such as photosensitivity reactions, oral ulcers, alopecla, urticaria, vasculitis, veslcuto-bullous lesions, acral changes, cutaneous mucinoses, and cutaneous calcinosis. Other findings are specific for LE In that they are found only in patients who have lupus erythematosus. These LE-specific disorders include acute cutaneous LE, subacute cutaneous LE, and several forms of chronic cutaneous LE, including discoid LE. Skin biopsies are often helpful in differentiating LE-specific skin lesions from other disorders that can mimic them. Photoprotective measures and a number of drugs are useful in treating cutaneous LE.

The following is a review of LE-nonspecific and LE-specific skin disorders. Space limitations prevented the inclusion of a comprehensive list of relevant references.

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