Update on Botulinum Toxin


Update on Botulinum Toxin

Vol. 26. No. 4
Timothy Corcoran Flynn, MD

Botulinum toxin for facial enhancement is currently the most popular aesthetic procedure performed in the United States. New developments have occurred within the last few years. Patients prefer having multiple areas of the upper face treated which increases patient satisfaction. Treatment of the forehead is now being accomplished with fewer units of
botulinum toxin. This helps preserve the natural look of some movement of the forehead. Men require more units of botulinum toxin than women. Combination therapy using botulinum toxin along with lasers or filler substances is ideal. Aesthetic medicine knowledge has progressed, contributing a greater understanding of botulinum treatment for advanced areas of the face. The orbicularis oris, mentalis, and depressor anguli oris are now routinely treated and help improve overall facial appearance. Other forms of botulinum toxins (additional type A or type B toxins) are available, each with advantages and disadvantages.

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